Support Frontline Puerto Rican Communities in the Recovery from Hurricane Maria

Where to Donate to Help Puerto Rico with Disaster Relief and Recovery from Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Hurricane Maria, a category 4 hurricane with winds of 145 mph to 155 mph, landed in Puerto Rico Wednesday morning just a few days after Hurricane Irma. It is estimated that “Irma caused as much as $1 billion in damages on the bankrupt island.”[1] The impact of hurricane Maria is expected to be worse, with significantly more fatalities, devastating the island’s infrastructure, producing prolonged electrical outages and stalling any potential for economic recovery for months to come.

Edwin Melendez, director of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College in New York, said such widespread outages would affect millions of people and deal double blows to communities in the island’s mountainous interior whose water systems depend on electricity. Two sectors of the Puerto Rican economy that have shown signs of life, tourism and agriculture, would also suffer. “It’s a grim picture no matter how you slice it,” Melendez said.[2]

Puerto Rican community leaders and elected officials in the diaspora are calling for a renewed effort to assist Puerto Rico with disaster relief and recovery from Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Many families have lost their homes and need assistance with basic needs.

You can help by donating to charities in Puerto Rico that are leading the effort to mitigate the unfolding humanitarian crisis. Here are some proven organizations with direct access to the victims of these hurricanes. You can visit their online donations or send a check to the enclosed address.


An online information clearinghouse for the stateside Puerto Rican community and other allies


Our contributions should be going towards local grassroots initiatives with long-standing reputations.


Defend Puerto Rico has partnered with local community-based organizations in Puerto Rico, Taller Salud, COPI (La Corporación Piñones Se Integra), and Nuestra Escuela. 100% of your donations go to supporting the purchase of food, medicine, construction and clean up supplies, power generators, and other things needed for the recovery and rebuilding of our beloved island.

Defend Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund

Community Strategy Sessions to organize relief and rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico


Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico
P.O. Box 191914
San Juan, PR 00919

tel: (787) 728-8500
fax: (787) 728-7099

Caritas Puerto Rico
201 Calle San Jorge
Esquina Baldorioty de Castro
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00902
P.O. Box 8812, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00910-0812
787 300-4953

Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico
1719 Ave. Ponce de León
San Juan, PR 00909-1905


1511 Ave. Ponce de León Suite K, La Ciudadela
San Juan P.R. 00909